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Building safe communites for all

How we built Paxol

Ease of Access

We built Paxol on the Android Platform to be easily accessed by anyone with a smartphone


Paxol is strong in watching, mapping and tracking responses in realtime within the minimum time possible

Free forever

Paxol will forever be free inorder to serve its core purpose of promoting a safe community for everyone

Why we built Paxol

Paxol is a light weight mobile App built to offer emergency response in times of need. This means that anyone who uses Paxol will be able to get immediate help from the nearby respective organization like the Police for violency and National Health facilities for emergency epidemic deseases like Ebola, Covid-19, Cholera, Tuberculosis and other diseases declared to be epidemics by the state

Our major aim is To Create a safe community for everyone where we fight together with vigilance the problems of domestic violence, gender-based violence, child abuse, human trafficking and suspected epidemic diseases

App Features

Tailored Experience

We designed and tailored Paxol to be used by literally anyone who has a smartphone with ease.

Fast and Simple

Paxol is light weight and caters for common and regular Android devices starting from v5.0

Secure and confidential

To promote vigilance we do not log any user information except from that required at signup.

Highly Powerful

Paxol is highly powerful and ensured to give exact information required to keep everyone safe and sound in our communities.

24/7 Response

Expect to receive 24/7 response to any alarms made from the respective institution to ensure the safety of our communities.

Free Forever

Paxol is and shall always be free to promote a safe community for everyone.

“ We have developed Paxol for a number of years. Me and my team have made sure that we deliver the best experience for the public. ”

Batte Akhsam (@axoblade)


“Working besides a dedicated team of young youthful and determined professionals has been a great experience.”

Sserunkuma Nesta Sabiti

UX/UI Designer

“Change starts with us, It is we who change our societies to that we wish them to be.”

Dr Abubakar Moki


“Good design has always been my dream and having a chance to put it into practice has never been better than this”

Ssekalala Abubakar

Graphics Designer

Support Us

We sustain and keep moving on the donations you give us.

Our Team

Dr Abubakar Moki


Batte Akhsam


Sserunkuma Nesta Sabiti

UI/UX Designer

Ssekalala Abubakar

Graphics Designer